Carefully read the information and instructions below and submit your abstract via the upload button at the end of this page. 

Note: If you need a speedy review of your abstract in regards to your visa requirments and travel arrangements, please contact the scientific committe via marc.coppens@uzgent.be


3 December 2021


Abstract submission is open

15 April 2022


Deadline for abstract submission (no possibility to edit the abstract after this date)

1 May 2022


Abstract selection by reviewers

5 May 2022


Outcome abstract selection. You will receive a notification by e-mail.

10 May 2022


Deadline to accept the invitation to present or to withdraw the submission. Abstracts that aren’t withdrawn and have been accepted will be published after this deadline.


  • Submission
Abstracts are to be submitted through the internet website www.iaascongress2022.com, following the specific guidelines stated further below.
The Digital Poster or Video should be submitted via www.iaascongress2022.com stating the title and name of the author. 
Videos must be submitted on YouTube and only the link should be sent.

  • Confirmation

Accepted Abstracts will only be integrated in the Final Program if the congress registration and payment of the Presenting Author is paid before the start of the congress.


  • Abstracts should be written in clear concise English. Spelling should follow the Oxford English Dictionary. Authors should pay attention to spelling mistakes, grammar errors, inappropriate vocabulary or punctuation, this will be their entire responsibility.

  • Length of the abstract text is limited to 2500 characters (incl. Blancs). Text shall be structured: Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results and Conclusion. One table and one picture may be included.
  • Abstracts shall not refer to the institution where the work was done.
  • You may list up eight (8) Co-Authors.
  • The Presenting Author´s name must be indicated and be identical to what is written in the Congress Registration Form.
  • Mailing address – Any communications regarding the acceptance will only be given to the submitting Author's address as registered.
  • Presentation – Please mark clearly which kind of presentation you prefer (Oral, Digital Poster or Video). Each Abstract can be used for one presentation only.
  • Candidates can be nurses, physicians, researchers, administrators and students (individuality or Group). Members of the board of IAAS and Sponsors are excluded.
  • Each Presenting Author of an accepted abstract must disclose any commercial, financial or research relationships or interests.
  • All Abstracts become the property of International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS). Submission of an Abstract represents permission to duplicate, publish and disseminate the work.
  • All Abstracts received that respect the guidelines will be revised by three reviewers, with hiding of the authors and the institution.
  • Presentation on the Congress: - all works admitted will be presented on the congress between 29 May - 1 June, Bruges.
  • Presenting Author will receive instructions about how to do the presentation. - Works will be presented and discussed in the agenda of the program:. Oral presentation cannot exceed 6 minutes, followed by a discussion of 2 minutes. Digital Poster and Video presentation cannot exceed 4 minutes followed by a discussion of 1 minute.

In case you have some doubts about the guidelines or other questions, and encounter difficulties with the submission of your abstract please contact us via office@act-wise.be